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Corporate Information

The business landscape has never been more competitive than it is today. And those of us in business face unique challenges. Today’s consumers are smarter and more well researched than ever. Quite simply, these challenges raise the bar for today’s marketer. To be successful, you have to develop a savvy strategy that is modern in its delivery, professional in its style, and carefully crafted in its stone

We have the tools you need to create a winning strategy that leverages the latest technology, strengthens your brand identity, and hones your company’s message. With Grameen CyberNet Ltd., you can do everything to get the power of Information Super Highway.

Grameen CyberNet Ltd. is committed to producing high quality, Network solutions. We enable our customers with tools to send and receive unlimited amounts of Information anytime, anywhere, to anyone.

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Gulshan, Dhaka-the Company has built an Internet-based network that provides a full suite of cost-effective business class network services, designed to meet the high communication service standards and evolving needs of large business.

GCL has been ensuring uninterrupted and dependable service to its valued customers and developed an enormous satisfied customer group. Our Digital Alpha-Server 4100, PowerPC Web Server, screaming fast Pentium Web Database Server and Network solutions like the award winning DEC Hub 900 multi-switch, Cisco router 4500 with completely redundant network backbone give us the confidence in providing quality service to our worthwhile customers. The 3 Mbps bandwidth assures 24 hours uninterrupted access to World Wide Web. Within a short while, we are going to upgrade our bandwidth to 4 Mbps. Along with that 24 hours on-cal troubleshooting assistance; free technical support, help desk complementary initial training on the usage of internet and web development are adding valued to our services.