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Broadband Internet

Why Grameen Cybernet Ltd (GCL) Broadband?

GCL’s Broadband solution features multi homed gateway to the Internet Superhighway delivered to organizations that feel the need for speed and reliability.

  • Never been involved with illegal VOIP or such activities
  • Highest TAX and VAT payer in ISP Industry
  • Guarantees Maximum uptime
  • Video Conference
  • Exclusive Reliability
  • Exclusive Redundancy
  • Round the clock Customer Support
  • Wide Range of Coverage and Options
  • Has DESCO permission all over the Dhaka City
  • Highly trained dedicated person to monitor your Bandwidth and Network
  • After working hours and weekend immediate phone, SMS service
  • Weekly report of your usage Bandwidth
  • Web based Bandwidth monitoring with MRTG & latency tester
  • Disaster Recovery

Some Features of Our Internet Service:

  • Point to Point Fiber Optic Connection
  • Backup Connection for any fiber casualties
  • Core network has backup using secondary fiber cable
  • Provide Committed Bandwidth to Corporate and Data Centers
  • Bandwidth monitoring through MRTG graph
  • Dedicated (Full Duplex) Bandwidth
  • Lowest latency
  • Dedicated Technical Engineer for solving any kinds of technical issues
  • Several Real IP’s.
  • Redundant connectivity